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SAVAGE MEN -  6 Reviews      Rating 1.0

JESSICA O.  1/13/2013

I went here for my girlfriend's bachelorette party.  We paid the fee for VIP .  It included some crap champagne and front row seats.  Can't say we were expecting much...also, two drink minimum...whatever.  That's the way these things work.  You know you are getting ripped off going in.  This was surely not the first rodeo for any of us, and we are most definitely NOT a bunch of prude girls.  With that said, the show started, and my bachelorette friend was called on stage first, into the hot seat.  It started out stupid enough.  Cowboy dude, "Jesse James," shaking his thing around like a lasso.  But then it quickly turned from a fun and games strip tease, to an out of control assault that left my friend in tears.  This huge stripper was yelling at her, smacking her, pulling her skirt up, humping her violently, pulling the hell out of her hair, and then proceeded to lick his finger and rub it between her legs (yes, there).  When she asked him to stop, he refused.  Our group sat in shock, as we watched our friend get "entertainment raped," on a stage in front of a room of people taking pictures.  This was NOT what we signed up for.  She got off the stage hysterical and shaking.  The twelve of us stood up and left immediately.  Ladies, do not give this business your money.  It's not even about the money.  The MEN are supposed to be the entertainment.  Watching one of your good friends being publicly violated and humiliated is not entertainment.  Some advice to this business:  Control your "entertainers."  Stop means Stop, and No means No.  In addition, you need someone standing close by to make sure that the girls being molested on stage are ok with what they are being subjected to.  Contrary to what you may think, not all women are into being desecrated by some roided up dude with a spay tan.  Yes, it's a "strip club," "male review," whatever you want to call it.  But seriously, have a little class.  I can't say what happened after "Jesse James's," revolting performance, because we all left like f-ing bats outta hell.  Quite possibly one of the most disturbing experiences of my life.

CASEY C.  2/24/2012

It's difficult to say whether Savage Men is a scam or just a poorly run, poorly organized show. Our group bought a package for 10 ladies for a birthday party that was supposed to include a two hour show, bottle of champagne, and free photo. We were expecting some laughs and some attractive men, but were sorely disappointed in what we got. We got to the club at 8:45 for a 9pm start, but waited till well after 9 to be let in. When we finally got to the door, we had problems with the bouncer (even though we had our tickets in hand), and had to pay an extra $20 at the door for drink tickets. We knew there would be a drink minimum, but the way we were asked for the extra money was not appropriate. They did not tell us we were purchasing our drink tickets, but that they needed an extra $20 to let us in. That said, we were fine paying for the drink tickets, but $20 was steep considering the drink options when we got inside. The show was scheduled to start at 9, we got seated around 9:20, and the show actually started at 9:45 and included about 20 minutes of announcements and bad jokes from the host. He would announce a stripper and we'd wait at least 5 minutes for him to actuall appear on stage (the stage being...two tables pushed together on the dance floor). Our bottle of champagne was a $4 bottle of Andre, warm, with no cups. Thankfully we found a nice hostess who scrambled to find us some ice and cups. We got no free photo (except the ones we took on our phones). We were expecting a "revue", but it was simply 4 men rubbing up against a few of the audience members and bachelorettes. Some of the men were fun and really into it and got a good vibe going, but it was a bit underwhelming overall. No dancing, no routines, no "revue" as advertised. Even though the show was scheduled for 9-11 and started late, it ended at 10:45. Were it not for some of the men who really worked to give the audience a good show, we would have abandoned our drinks and our ticket money and left right there.

ASHLEY W.  2/8/2013

This place was disgusting. The guys were old and overweight. The room was dark and small. It just felt like a creepy scene out of a bad movie. I couldn't believe that they charged so much money for something that was put together so badly. I really wish I read the reviews on here before I went.

ANONYMOUS A.    5/28/2013

Worst experience I've had in a long time! I booked the show with several of my girlfriends for a bachelorette party. Once arriving at the show and staying only 30 minutes a drunk girl decided to get violent and throw her drink on me and all 4 of my girlfriends because we simply asked her if she had spilt her drink all over our 4 chairs because she was leaning over our chairs with her drink in her hand and all 4 of our chairs were completely soaked.

After all of the chaos all 4 of us were escorted out of the show. I spoke to the Manager at the Tropicana and he was extremely nice and apologetic. He advised me to call the main number to Savage Men and speak to the owner "Tracey". The first phone call I made I spoke to a "lady" named Audrey. She was EXTREMELY rude, unprofessional, classless, and made no effort to assist me as that is a part of her job. She assured me that she would relay the message and situation to Tracey (the owner) and he would get back to me as soon as possible. Well it's now been 3 weeks, numerous phone calls made to Audrey and each time she tells me Tracey is in a "meeting".

I have never dealt with such an unprofessional so called "business" in my life. I have no idea how they stay afloat with Audrey answering the phones to every location (New York, New Jersey, Atlantic City phone lines) and booking tickets with her lack of knowledge and unprofessionalism. She has not been helpful by any means and tells me a different story each time I speak to her on the phone. I don't understand how an owner can allow this type of vulgarity and lack of communication skills to be expressed by his employee(s).

Furthermore, the 30 minutes of the show I did get to view was completely tasteless. I was unaware that promoting prostitution in New Jersey, let alone U.S. was legal.

Overall, I give this rating a ZERO for multiple reasons. The show was terrible, the staff was worse, and getting a resolution is impossible. Don't waste your money. There are far more entertaining things to do in AC.

SARA B.    8/12/2011

I arranged to have my friend's bachelorette party go to a stripper show for a couple of hours. I actually signed on with another stripper company and at the last minute (a text from another guy) we were told to go to this location instead. We got there and Tracy James was not expecting us, and didn't know who we were. After some really rude comments from him, we got in, but with standing room only, which is not what I paid for and we had to pay for a two drink minimum.  So far, the experience sucked! The show was too raunchy for my party, and my friend, who was called on stage, had to tell the stripper that she wasn't interested in being tied up or licked or dry humped any of the things they were doing to other women (most of whom LOVED it!). Luckily, he was nice and listened to her. For the rest of the show, we sat there with our mouths hanging open in dismay at the lude behavior. (I am not a prude, but this was insane!) Then another friend paid for my bachelorette friend to get a lap dance, thinking that this would be a funny thing for all of us. The guy who gave the lap dance went way overboard. We should have seen it coming, but the lap dance ended when the guy kissed my (engaged!) friend on the lips!!!!!!! She was mortified and embarrassed! She felt violated. This was supposed to be fun and it turned into a total disaster! I've emailed Savage Men a couple times asking for an apology and some sore of assurance that they will teach their performers some boundaries, but have gotten NO response.  I would not recommend this experience to anyone. The first company we hired was All-American Male, who did not honor our agreement with an All-American Male show.

RUI H.    4/27/2011

I had a purse full of singles... let's just say that none of it saw the light of this shady, shady place.

My friend and I went on a Saturday night so the place was actually pretty packed (I think most people were there for birthday parties and bachelorette parties). I wouldn't exactly call this a strip show -- there was not much dancing or stripping. I'm not going to get into too much detail but the whole experience was pretty trashy, and not in a good way. No amount of alcohol would have made this experience enjoyable. Please do yourself a favor and skip this!

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