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From naughty to nice, here are some ideas and tips to help the night be "The Ultimate Bachelorette Party". 

You're the maid of honor, the bride's best friend, her lifelong pal. This should be your one chance to throw her the bash of a lifetime But where to begin? Here are some bachelorette party ideas to get you started on planning a night she'll never forget.

IDEA #1 : Dinner and Drinks, then off to see male strippers

Why not start off meeting all the girls at a fun & lively restaurant such as Drag Queen Show Royale. If your bride really wants a night to remember, her bachelorette party is as good a night as any other. Make sure you communicate with the bride and ensure that she wants to have strippers. Consider whether you'd rather have a stripper come to you, or go to a strip club. I personally advocate that you go to a male strip club. Not only will the other patrons add to the energy and fun, but it can help a nervous groom to know that his bride will be out in public. You can plan some bachelorette party games, such as Suck for a Buck – where a bride wears a candy necklace with a t-shirt that advertises a suck of the necklace for a dollar. Another one is a scavenger hunt or similar game, where the bride has to find items such as condoms, men's phone numbers, cocktail straws, etc. or complete tasks such as getting five guys to agree to let her sign their stomach.


This beloved theme is perfect for a bachelorette party. It can be as extravagant as going to a resort for a pampering weekend, and as simple as gathering at someone's house to paint each other's nails and eat delicious food. In order to make it feel like a proper bachelorette party, you may wish to ask guests to bring a funny story about the bride or groom, or you may want to incorporate games such as pin the cucumber on the groom.

Make sure the bride-to-be is cool with the idea of male strippers.  Since you're friends already you should know all about her tastes, likes, dislikes, etc. We'd hate to see a platoon of buff male strippers show up at the party to discover a mortified bachelorette. The party's over! The same goes for the other guests to your bachelorette party.  It's certainly understandable that a girl or two may be shy or even a little embarrassed by a male stripper but if more than half the room is running for the front door to make their escape, you've made a bad move.  Before you book a male stripper, take a quick mental census and make sure the girls at your bachelorette party are cool with scantily-clad buff dudes prancing around. ALSO -- make sure the kiddies aren't home when the male dancer shows up! Otherwise there'll be some explaining to do...

Find a Reputable Company - Legitimate companies such as,, Hunk-O-Mania.Com and other male stripper companies have been around a long time and have an established track record in delivering a breathless bachelorette party. 

A new craze that many bachelorette party divas are enjoying is hiring an instructor or going to a studio to learn the art of stripping or pole dancing. City Pole is Manhattan's only boutique pole fitness studio. Their services extend beyond pole classes and are personalized for your party.
A more popular party is called a "passion party" where you go to a friend's house and hire a passion party consultant to come out and show different adult toys as well as go over the art of Kama sutra to bring back to your relationship after the party is over!
Get a sober driver or buss and you are on your way to either one or multiple bar stops. Have the bride get a little tipsy and take lots of pictures! A great way to flirt with the boys and embarrass the bride-to-be as the night goes on. Hire a limo to take you around and feel like the vixens you are!
Once you're married, it might be hard to get away for a weekend with the girls. Use the bachelorette party as an excuse to go on a weekend vacation – either close by or far away. Such a trip will give you time for "being wild" as well as time to catch up with each other and have spa time. Be sure to keep in mind that not all of the bridesmaids may be able to afford an extravagant vacation, so it might be a good idea to survey intended guests before making a final decision. Also, check with a travel agent to see what kind of group rates you can get.

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