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MANHATTAN MEN  - 4 Reviews      Rating 4.0

LILGREEK92  7/13/2013

Had an amazing time. I had just broken up with my BF (caught him cheating) I was totally depressed until my best friend came over and told me she had a little surprise for me.... little did I know she was taking me to the hottest strip club in New York!!!!! the guys were so much fun and not to mention those guys can move!!!!!! I honestly believe they are the hottest male strippers in New York and I think they also have a club in Atlantic City!!! Girls if you are looking for a male revue / strip club in new york check out the guys here at Manhattan Men!!!‎

STACY LU  6/10/2013

So much fun!!. So my friends were visiting from out of town and they wanted to see some hot guys. One of them saw all the positive reviews here and decided she wanted to see male strippers.

I told her "no". I was not going to a male strip show.

They literally dragged me here but since they were my good friends and were visiting from far away (Spain) I decided to be a good sport and go.

I didn't know exactly what to expect when I first got there. The club itself was really nice and was decorated beautifully. It had a bachelorette theme. I saw alot of bachelorettes and birthday girls there.

The show started with the host introducing the Massage Guys one by one. They were all like male models or actors or what not. Some of them were really hot.

Then they would call the girls up on stage (usually the bachelorette or birthday girl) and then there would be an "act" Each act consisted of 3 guys coming out and dancing for the girls and then one guy would stay on and strip. I must say the dancing was actually not that bad. Everything was choreographed really well. It was like a scaled down Broadway show.

Well sorry for the long review but in the end I did have alot of fun and was really glad I came. It turned out to be a really fun night!!! 

NIKKI S.  6/16/2013

My sister and I decided to take our mom and aunts here for my mom's B-day. We were actually there last night. We had a great time the guys are super super hot!!! They are all actually very sweet and do a great job. Our server was really nice he was very attentive to all of us and gave my mom so much attention which she absolutaly enjoyed and loved. Overall we had a great night!!

Only one problem and I think it was a huge problem was with one of the girls who worked there her name was Rebecca. I think that REBECCA has a major attitude. I'm all about customer service and when I have clients at my business I treat them with respect and courtesy no matter what.
We had purchased a dance for our mom for her b-day and it included taking a pic with all the gorgeous guys at the end of the show. When I took my mom up there I thought I could take a pic of her with my camera as well, so I did. Apparently you could either take a pic with your camera or theirs not both.

The option was not given to us and when my sister and I asked Rebecca where is here pic she said she had given us the option which she hadn't.. This was just a little misunderstanding in my opinion which could have been resolved very easily if it weren't for REBECCA talking to me with major attitude... and when I asked her for her name she gave it to me putting her face in mine and rolling her neck. Last time I had seen this kind of behavior I was in high school 15 years ago.

Overall I think Manhattan Men is a fun, happy exciting place to go for a lot of innocent fun and every woman should try it. Only thing is they need to train some of their staff "Rebecca" about customer service because in my opinion it's one of the very major important things left out there to keep your customers coming back. After all if it isn't for the customers the place would not be there!!!

MIMI L.  5/20/2012

I would have give this place a 5-star..

2 star BIG deductions = is for Christian Grey. Yeah, he was cute at the beginning when we saw him, so what. He was super arrogant unfortunately .. he only danced for at least $10 per minute, that was basically what he said. Okay.. that is fine.. the other guys are cute too, and they dance better than him.

Service was nice, pretty good experience for someone who maybe never been to strip club.


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