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Hunkomania reviews - hunk-o-mania nyc reviews - hunkamania reviews

HUNKOMANIA  - 5 Reviews      Rating 5.0


I have to start this review by saying I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY BOYFRIEND he is the love of my life, my angel, my heart my soul. ok with that said...
I planned this bachelorette party for my cousin. After being DRAGGED by her to see the movie "Magic Mike" I literally went home the next day and researched Hunk-o-mania for her bachelorette party. I didn't know a place like this existed. AND LADIES PRAISE JESUS, MOTHER EARTH, GOD, BUDDHA, ALLAH whoever you freaking pray to THAT IT DOES! I want to touch on a very important factor, the HOSPITALITY. Every single staff member and I truly mean EVERY SINGLE STAFF MEMBER:
Door man outside- greeted with a lovely smile
ticket lady - extremely pleasant and efficient with a smile
drink ticket gentlemen downstairs- lovely smile, efficient
goodie stand lady- friendly helpful smile
notice a trend?? SMILES ALL AROUND
waiters- fast efficient friendly SMILES
dancers- gorgeous, friendly, courteous SMILES
bathroom attendants- friendly efficient SMILES
D.J. rocking it out smiles
Host - engaging- smiles
the point I am trying to make is that EVERY SINGLE STAFF MEMBER I feel went above and beyond to make sure that we where taken care of. Every single staff member was nothing short of courteous and professional which in turn made our experience extremely pleasant and unforgettable. Thank you all so very much for an amazing evening. Ladies I don't want to spoil the show but PLEASE BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEYS WORTH. These are professionals who go above and beyond to ensure you will have a memorable evening. Thank you again hunk-o-mania.

ELIZABETH H.  9/14/2013

Last August I organized my boyfriend's sister bachelorette party, overall we had a blast and the performances are definitely what you make it. As someone who had never been to a male-show before I was worried that the show wasn't going to be up to par for the bachelorette, but it exceeded our expectations!

We bought individual tickets online and what I really found extremely thoughtful was that a manager from the venue called each girl to make sure that they would put our names and seats together; it wasn't necessary for the manager to do so, but it was so appreciative--you could really tell he was all about customer service!

We arrived around 8:30pm and were escorted to the VIP ticket line where there was a very short wait under five minutes. Upon entering the venue you could feel the excitement from all the ladies, surrounding bachelorette parties and workers at the show. I was shocked how big the venue was and the amount of seating available--wasn't too crowded but also was packed with excited women!

Shirtless men walked around gave us tickets for two drinks and offered us lap dances--which we treated the bachelorette to, and boy did she enjoy it! Then the real show started--lights went down, the music turned up and all the girls around us started clapping their hands and screaming for the men to enter the stage.

One of my favorite acts was one that had a 50 shades of grey theme and lets just say a lot of girls were brought up on stage and were flipped, danced upon and enjoying their night!

Afterwards we had a picture with the men and the venue turned into a dance club with great music and men around us all night! I enjoyed the experience so much I coordinated my sorority sister's bachelorette party and we are returning here!

ELIZABETH F.  6/18/2013

Came here on Friday to celebrate my birthday and my friends did not tell me we were going here. They even blindfolded me on the way. Anyways when we stepped in the first thing you notice is the absolutely sexy men all over the place. I mean every one of them looked delicious.. Each had abs of steal. Anyways so after getting sat down on the comfortable couch, the guys walk around, make conversation and offer to dance with you. They were all so nice all said happy birthday. The service was great, never had to wait for them to come over to order the drink. They guy walking around the shots gave my girlfriends a good deal on the shots, we were all good and drunk for the show that was coming soon. The magic mike type show was great, not only was there dancers on stage there was also sexy guys walking around everywhere. The music was great and every single person was dancing and smiling. When the show ended they gave out flyers for a club they were hosting. Me and my friends decided to pass but it was nice they have an afterparty.

Over all it was a great experience. Sexy guys, good drinks, good music, and sexy guys!

REYLYN AMOR M.  5/20/2012

OH. MY. GOD. My first thoughts as I got out of the limo.

My best friend had her Bachelorette Party here May 19, 2012, and boy did we. A crew of 13 wildly game, half inebriated girls came ready to see a show but this was NOTHING to what we expected.

We were greeted by some nice looking men checking IDs and a nice lady in blue presented us with the VIP group package we ordered and explained ehat the tickets were for. Once downstairs we were immersed pounding, hyped up music that excited the girls very much..and then came the men....

Now these hot, hot, HOT, ripped, gorgeous Adonises graced our table with their presences, embarrassing our bachelorette further by enticing her with lapdances and those abs...Lord have mercy, those abs...

The show started (I won't give anything away) and it was a roomful of demanding, screaming, hot girls oogling these dancers. Let me tell you...GET A HOT SEAT!!!!! You won't regret it...

Lapdances were had (you can pick you man...mine was absolutely gorgeous with a butt you could smack to no end haha and his tattoo...oh my goodness...), drinks were drunk..the fun cake was eaten, and we danced...

Be sure to take a picture with the guys at the end of the'll definitely want to remember them!!!

There was one issue with our waiter though but I won't take off any stars..he had the balls to say our group had ADD...I'm a nurse..he didn't have to insult the girls like that..and to say that he could tell we weren't born into money was kinda harsh...but whatever coz WE HAD FUUUUUUNNNN!!!!

This is definitely a show worth seeing many times over as I'm sure things will never get boring with these group of guys..just make sure you have your singles, may be the most important thing you carry with you all night!!!

LINDSEY S.  8/21/2013

I came here with about 12 girls for a bachelorette party last weekend. It was my first experience at a male strip club and I have to say, HunkOMania exceeded my expectations. The guys were hot, the service was great and the future Mrs. seemed to really enjoy her lap dance ;-) Can't wait for someone else to get married so we have an excuse to go back!

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